About Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir

Panchmukhi Temple

This is an ancient temple. The history of this temple is about 700 years old. The temple was built by Baba Janaki Das ji Maharaj. Here is the statue of Hanuman ji, coming in the dream of Baba Janaki Das Ji, Hanuman ji presented himself, and Hanuman ji asked him to install his statue under the Dhaka tree, after which Baba Janaki Das ji did differently. Established the statue of Hanuman by bringing clay from pilgrimage sites. This is a famous temple.The devotion of every devotee who comes here is complete. The fair is held every Tuesday.

Ram Navami to Hanuman Jayanti is chanting the continuous Mahamantra. This is the Panchkamim temple Dhaka bastaniwala. Such Hanuman ji's philosophy is not anywhere in the whole of India. Because there are four faces in all four directions. And one is on the side of the sky. On the east side is the face of Hanuman ji. These are the claimants of bullfight. The second face is towards the west. This is the mouth of Lord Garuda God. Called the King of the birds. For poisonous substances, to feed them, and in whose horoscope there is time snake yoga.

The third face, which is in the north, it is God's warrior. Always Satoshi, Always Happy The fourth face, which is in the south direction, is the Lord of Narasimha. This is to kill the enemy or the enemy, the fifth face which is towards the sky, it is Hagrid Lord. This vashikaran or tantra mantra is meant to bite everyone.

This Panchamukhi Hanuman happened, when Ravana's brother Ahiravan took Ram and Lakshman from captivity and took them to Hatham. Ahiravana was the king of Patal Puri. His gatekeeper was the Makar flag. Who was the son of Hanuman ji When Hanuman ji goes into kapi format.